It's Canada's 150th birthday and the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce is challenging the residents and businesses of Halton Hills to show their national pride by flying the Canadian flag on July 1.

Imagine flags flying on porches, lawns, garages, parks, business and farm mailboxes - anywhere they can be seen from the street! It will be historic!

Register your Canadian flags!

  1. The flags you already own and fly.
  2. A new flag purchased from a local retailer. Get Coupons
  3. Flags that we will make available starting late spring.

The more flags the better!
Feel free to register new flags until June 30, 2017.

The Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce
8 James Street
Halton Hills, ON
L7G 2H3
(905) 877-7119

All flags must be registered before July 1, 2017 in order to be counted towards the record attempt.
Please have your flags visible from the road.

Fly your flag!

Be sure to fly all your Canadian flags for Canada Day.

Our current number of registered flags is:


Garden Flags will be available at selected locations beginning in May.

A $2 donation is welcome for each flag.

Flag locations include:

Garden flags are Canadian Flags, 18" wide x 9"" tall attached to a 3 foot dowel. Great for planting in your garden or pot.


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The Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce
8 James Street
Halton Hills, ON
L7G 2H3
(905) 877-7119